Our Puppy Shampoo enriched with Dead Sea minerals, Leen Seed Oil, Omega 3, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Lavender Oil. This strong combination of natural ingredients keeps your puppy’s skin and coat soft, clean, and healthy, adding shine and volume for a healthier look.

We have created the ultimate equation for treating fur and pet skin. The mineral composition in our top leading products comes from the Dead Sea treasures. We harnessed the wonders of the Dead Sea in combination with natural active ingredients, oils, and extracts, providing an unprecedented and extremely effective treatment for fur and skincare. The product has been carefully designed especially for our precious pets.

We all cannot deny our love for the scent of our sweet puppies. our puppy’s first bath is something that we will never forget! therefore it’s important to find the right gentle shampoo for the first baths, that shampoo that keeps your puppy’s skin soft and healthy, with conservation of his original initial odor.

We believe that your pet deserves the best with the combination of the best ingredients:

– Linseed Oil – Nourishes the coat, making it shinier and improve skin conditions
– Omega 3 – Encourages healthy and shiny growth of the coat
– Vitamin E – nourishes the skin and fur, causing a shiny, silky coat
– Aloe Vera – Relacing and enhancing for a shiny and healthy pet coat
– Chamomile – Lower down stress and help to revive dry and inflamed skin, helps to smooth your pet’s skin and make it look healthy, clean, and rich.
– Lavender Oil – helps to keep off fleas and ticks, and also to prevent skin inflammation

Imagine your pet coat being shiny, healthy, vital with a wonderful smell!

Puppy Shampoo is good for:
– For enriching and cleaning your puppy’s soft coat.